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Pure Country/Americana here. I liked the sound right away. The production is polished. The sound is authentic vintage.

DJ Buffalo - Undiscovered Gems


Jessica Renee


Jessica grew up in southwest Washington where she spent her childhood riding horses, daydreaming and playing in the mud. Her musical career began in her early 20’s when she started playing the upright bass with the honky tonk band Countryside Ride. These formative years playing classic country standards are apparent in her new record, “Someday”, where songs range from the barroom to the bucolic. Also obvious is the influence of folk music which she honed in while writing and recording “Bandida” with Sally Peters in the Rosie’s Ghost band.

Jessica also plays bass for the infamous Chicken Shit Gamblers, which she says really opened up a lot of possibilities within her songwriting. While the new record is rooted in country tradition there are some interesting swerves in chord progressions as well as rhythmically. These 12 original songs are heartfelt, poetic, full of emotion and a little humor. Her soft, flowing vocals draw in the listener.

Jessica lives in among the pines in Trout Lake, Washington with her husband and longtime collaborator, Joshua Kunze, and their 2 kids. She is currently writing songs for her next record, playing lots of gigs and running the local coffee shop which she opened in August of 2021

Jessica is also a member of:

Countryside Ride

Rosie's Ghost

Chicken $#it Gamblers

Photo Credit: EchoFox Photography, Darka Dusty, & Chad Lanning

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