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“…Rich, organic and charming record.”

Take Effect


“The duo behind Rosie's Ghost, Sally Peters and Jessica Kunze, sing a cowgirl's story straight from the heart in their new CD, Bandida. The original tunes paint a picture of wide-open spaces, cowboys, horses, love won and love lost. The band's interesting blend of West Coast country with a Bakersfield touch takes me back in time.”

Rory Bourke - Nashville Songwriter Hall of Fame



“Jessica Kunze and Sally Peters, otherwise known as Rosie's Ghost, offer an impressive debut courtesy of Bandida, an album flush with traditional far western influences, ranging from an easy lope and south of the border narratives to the lilting sounds of fiddles and the gentle sway of pedal steel guitars. The songs tell a story, built around a tender and touching narrative about a girl who dreams of being a cowgirl and the hopes and inspiration she gathers in bringing it all forward to ultimate fruition. It's an expressive effort, a soundtrack in search of a movie that's yet to be made. The two women find an able backing band, but it's their tender vocals that paint a perfect mesh of dreams and desire. "Let's ride horses together, you and me forever, side by side we'll ride..." they sing, immersed in the prairie motif that envelopes the effort overall. An expressive and effusive tale embracing both tenderness and tenacity, Bandida provides an excellent introduction for Rosie's Ghost, a spirited combination of both attitude and agility.:

                                    Goldmine Magazine



“An album of beauty, of craving, one that brings Rosie’s Ghost, Sally Peters and Jessica Kunze absolutely into the frame of the  music lover’s experience”

                                    Ian D. Hall – Liverpool Sound & Vision

Bandida Album

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